How bad is the worst thing on the farm?

While trying to mend an outdoor hose hanger and the brackets that secure the water line to the side of the building, I thought to write what I like least here on the No View, having been here about a month or so.


What is the worst thing? Is it getting up early? Feeding chickens and horses? Moving horse manure? Watering plants every day? Frosts? Picking produce? Selling crafts? Making beds? Digging in the dirt? Awakening old aches and pains and feeling war injuries (literal as well as figurative?) No, no, and no…


For me the absolute worst thing about being here happened yesterday when I was feeling run down, headachy, and tummy troubled, because I couldn’t get moving enough to work. There were hundreds of things that needed to be done as always, but I couldn’t convince my mind and body to do them.


The tasks don’t go away, so I am off to jump into them today!


Make your day count and help mother earth help you!


One thought on “How bad is the worst thing on the farm?

  1. Thanks for all your hard work.. Probably your body was saying enough! Our minds think we can do more than our bodies physically can.. Take that break.. it will still be there to be done later..


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