Rent-A-Garden 2019

We are accepting new members in our community gardens! Reserve by April 15th! Only 6 spaces left!

Reserve by April 15th

Rent An Organic Garden Space at No View Farm 2019

Get Your ORGANIC Garden Space Today! Help us build a food forest.  Raised bed and In Ground beds available.
To arrange rental of your organic garden space call (207)507-1510 for appointment at the farm or email:
What your garden includes: IN Ground Beds – Each in ground garden patch is planned to be 32 square feet and will have a 3-foot aisle way on all sides. All spaces are $25.00 for the 2019 growing season. Growing season is May 1st to Nov 1st.

Our soil is organic sandy loam. At the beginning of the gardening season the ground will be prepared, composted and ready for you to plant. We will make arrangements with individuals for earlier plantings and late season crops. Cost includes use of garden tools, initial organic compost, and water. Proper Composting/feeding plants in your garden are part of your responsibility in renting space.

Raised beds – Beds will be a minimum of 18” height with a 3 foot aisle way on all 4 sides. Raised beds will be made of various organic materials and designs and will be 32 square feet.  All spaces are $50.00 for the 2019 growing season. Growing season is May 1st to Nov 1st.

Rent-A-Garden Space


In Ground Bed –
32 Square feet of organic garden


Raised Bed –  32 Square feet of organic garden


Help us build our food forest by renting space!


Contact Annette


WATERING: Each week your garden space is guaranteed to receive a minimum 1 inch of water either from rainfall or supplemental irrigation. There is a hose provided if you want to water after planting or for additional watering as you see fit. Mulching is suggested to help maintain moisture.
GROWING PRACTICES: We operate with a minimum of ORGANIC chemicals added to our soil. We use biological and hand pick methods to control bugs, diseases and molds. – NO HERBICIDE, PESTICIDE, FERTILIZER APPLIED TO YOUR GARDEN SPACE WITH OUT THE EXPRESSED CONSENT FROM THE OWNER. Any products used must be Certified Organic. We recommend Living Acres products.

Suggestions: Mulching is highly recommended to help maintain moisture. Trellising is highly recommended for sprawling plants. 32 square feet of space is small and you will want to grow vertically to make the most of your space.

Other Special Features

  • Freedom – Come and go as you please. You can access the gardens at any time during daylight hours.
  • Access to gardening experience (by appointment only) – You will also have access to horticulturalist, Annette Marin, her years of experience and use of her extensive gardening library.
  • Plant for Plants Program: We will accept some work time in exchange for plants/seedlings for your garden space. Must be prearranged, contact Annette for more information.
  • Get 20% off Seedling purchases – We will give you 20% off retail on all seedlings purchased from our nursery for your garden space.
    Discounts – You receive discounted registration fees for workshops to learn more about sustainable gardening.
  • Helps us with our Permaculture plan and build a food forest – Our food forest was designed by Aimee Grimmel of Green Goddess ECOFarm using permaculture principles. $10.00 of your payment goes to organic compost for your plot, $15.00 to purchase a fruit tree or bushes for our food forest! Reserve your garden space today!

Looking for plant starts? Don’t forget about our Plant Nursery where we grow organic vegetable starts, flowers, and native plants. You will receive a 20% discount for buying plants for your garden space

Organic Garden Plot Guidelines @ No View Farm
By paying for my ORGANIC garden plot rental space at No View Farm, I agree to the following terms and conditions:
• Only organic growing is permitted at No View Farm. You agree to refrain from adding or using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. All additives must have the expressed approval of the owner. You agree to use organic seeds, seedlings and additives ONLY. You agree to try to learn organic/permaculture practices and principles.

  • In order to help conserve water, irrigate your garden before 10:00 AM or after 5:00 PM.
  • Please be sure that any food you harvest comes from your garden only. Harvesting food from other gardeners plots or No View Farm Commercial Space is not allowed. You will harvest your own crop. You will not SELL produce on the garden premises. Exchanging or gifting is encouraged. If you don’t need produce, you will ask the staff to donate excess to a local food bank.
  • No View Farm is open from dawn to dusk. Please visit during operating hours only.
  • Please park in the lot by the gardens.
  • Return all tools, carts, and wheelbarrows to the storage shed or appropriate location.
  • Please contact staff prior to leaving any items for donation to the Farm.
  • Plots may not be sublet or given away to anyone else.
  • Be considerate of other community gardeners. You agree to remove weeds out of the garden bed and surrounding your plot in the walkway and move all clippings, thinnings, and waste to the designated compost or weed areas. You agree to keep your area free of trash & tools.
  • You must be considerate of your fellow gardeners, and not let your plants sprawl onto other plots or into the designated aisle ways. You agree to not build trellises or fencing more than 4-feet high that would shade other gardeners’ plants.
  • You will be respectful of others gardeners’ spaces and will not walk on others plots without permission.
  • You agree to help others remember and follow all of these agreements.
  • You agree to closely supervise any children that you bring to the garden.
  • You agree that all animals will be leashed, closely supervised and their waste removed and properly disposed of. Animals will not be allowed to eliminate in the garden areas.
  • You agree to not grow illegal plants, invasives or perennials.
  • You agree to remove all crops and non-compostable materials from your plot by November 1st
  • You agree that all funds are non-refundable whether you used your space or not!
  • You agree that No View Farm, its owners, volunteers, and its assigns are not liable for any damages, losses to you, your family, pets or your property, or potentials thefts of your property while on the farm.Signature __________________________ Printed Name__________________________

Owner, Annette Marin Signature _______________________________________________

Dated ____________________2019